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When one very talented and respected costume designer / fashion stylist chooses to throw open his doors for one weekend only with an archive sale on… You go!

What a collection this room held from years of creative flow and flare. From punk rock to couture. Each garment, accessory, shoe, hat with a story of its own.

Andy has designed costumes for movies, commercials, music videos. He has been linked to some of the world’s most iconic names such as Placebo, Skunk Anansie, Bush, Robbie Williams to name a few. Collaborations with legendary “All Saints” founder Stuart Trevor on their brand Elensa. There is a lot more to this talented man than meets the eye.

Great to meet the band “Cut With” who did some live jams on the night.
Check them out on instagram @cutwith
All you lovely people who came to the fashion sale. It was fun.

I couldn’t leave empty handed and managed to come home with a coat and two dresses – which I adore…!
It’s all about the safety pins… #fashion #punk #loveit

Merry Christmas to this talented rocka.


xx gem rey


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