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The Orb 25th Anniversary

Friday 29th July at the Electric, Brixton The Orb celebrated their 25th anniversary by performing their album Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld. The venue sold out. Alex Paterson and what is one of the best electronica collectives on the planet, performed a brilliant set. So many interesting visuals with each track, they really took us all…
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Long String Drone by Youth

Long String Drones by Youth, Puretone Resonate Festival,

Temple Of Anyone

I came across Temple of Anyone by chance through a friend of mine who knows the lead singer James. She said, you must listen to these guys, they are very good. I liked what I heard from the links the guys sent me, but I can honestly say, nothing prepared me for what happened when they played…
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DJ Dave King

Stepping out of the studio for an interview with Gem Rey… Introducing Dave King. Where are you from?   I’m German/English lived in 31 countries. I am currently in London. What do you do?  I’m an Artist, Music Producer, Songwriter and DJ..   What has influenced your journey the most? I’ve been doing music all my…
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Rubbish Heap

I was nominated by a friend to post images of “People” over a series of days… Today I have chosen to share with you an image I have not shared before. I took this on my trip to Cambodia in May earlier this year. These two little boys were playing on that rubbish heap that…
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Prince Philip by Gem Rey

I didn’t know until I looked through my photographs just now, that instead of looking at the man who was trying to shake his hand, Prince Philip was fixed on my camera. I did have a pink razor clam head piece by Louis Mariette on at the time… So perhaps he thought I was about…
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ZIK’R by Karen Ruimy & Youth

When music and dance blow the dimensions apart and you find there is no use for words because the passion and the expression, the emotion and the rhythm simply takes over and takes you into a zone where nothing can touch you, nothing can break you, nothing can distract you. ZIK’R, a show that moves the…
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Pretty In Pink: Her Royal Majesty The Queen

This evening I was invited by my friend Brendan O’Sullivan to join him at Guards Polo Club on Smith’s Lawn to meet a very special guest. On arrival The Queen greeted the Eton boys one by one who were patiently waiting for her. Looking ‘pretty in pink’ it was a lovely sight to see. With a radiant…
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“Television” Live at Electric, Brixton.

Sunday 12th June I was invited down to the Electric, Brixton to photograph this iconic American rock band “Television“. A merging style of punk alternative music. On tour, originally from New York city, Television first formed back in 1973. With a few changes along the way in their rock’n’roll journey, the band re formed and are…
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The Half Eight

I had the pleasure of interviewing and photographing these very talented guys last Wednesday at my “gem rey Wednesday” session at The Vault, Putney Pies. It was a beautiful Summer evening here in London as the sun went down over the Thames. Here is a little insight into these guys… What’s your name and where…
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