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Tag: the rolling stones

Ronnie Wood – This Guy Can Paint!

Ronnie Wood Collection I noticed on instagram that Ronnie Wood had a pop up exhibition coming up in London. I’ve been caring for my Grandmother these past few weeks, months, so have not been going out quite so much. Perspective is a wonderful thing and when you realise that time is so limited, how I…
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FINLAY COWAN The artist stepping into the frame. This particular artist is what I would describe to be simply a rare and unique creature. The most genius in depth and inspiration for the magnitude of the creations that sparkle upon him leave those who see his work in pure awe. An artist who’s history links…
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Dan Gillespie Sells: Live at Zebra One Gallery, London

A beautiful sunshine filled Saturday afternoon in Hampstead was given a rocknroll injection when Dan Gillespie Sells from the world famous band “The Feeling” played “Never Be Lonely” live in Zebra One Gallery. What a talented guy and a pleasure to meet. Dan was signing a portrait of himself from Zebra One Gallery’s showcase for…
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