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An evening with Guirado Design at the The Clerkenwell Collection, London. Juan Antonio Guirado, born in Jaén, Spain in 1932 started his career as a bullfighter. He attended the renowned San Fernando Royal Academy of Arts in 1946 where a ‘spark’ was born and his journey into the art world ignited. Full story to be found here. This incredible man may have sadly left this world in July 2010 just short of his 78th Birthday, but his talent and astounding passion lives on through his beautiful daughter Catalina Guirado. Catalina established herself as an art curator in 2013 forming the ‘Juan Antonio Guirado Foundation” producing the first international shows of ‘Guirado” at “gallery 825” Los Angeles and the legendary rocknroll hotel “The Sanctum soho” London, in over 20 years.

What I love about Guirado Design is that there is a depth to the marriage of fashion and the arts through the unfailing love of this girl’s beloved Father. Catalina has skilfully adapted Guirado’s masterpieces into wearable stunning silk scarves. A brilliant transition for such art as the feminine natural flow of the scarf mirrors the glide of Guirado’s brush at work. Having spent her life very much in the fashion scene, Catalina has really done her Father proud. Catalina was discovered at the young age of 15 by Vogue and has enjoyed a hugely successful career as a top British super model and TV personality. She has a smile that can light up a room, a heart that will cross every river and an essence for life that will not be chained. Her child-like excitement a delight to be around with such gravity and understanding on what she represents. The perfect role model for Guirado Design and a pleasure to have come to know as a friend. It was an exclusive guest list for the event here in London. Fuelled with top class Spanish Tapas from Ibérica, wine from The Perfect Cellar, and surrounded by Guirado’s art, I felt inspired. (Photographs below).

For a little bit of information on Guirado Designs: The brand is devised into three collections: Apocalypse, Enlightenment and Flores del Futures. These represent “man’s quest for enlightenment and the destruction of the planet from greed. Both Father and daughter share a similar spiritual mindset and follow a gypset (gypsey and jet set) lifestyle.” There is a strong emotional energy from these individual scarves from both Juan and Catalina. The Apocalypse range bleeds a rocknroll edge that really brings out the individuality of this fusion in fashion and art. Double sculls against the decayed landscape and multi-skull reworks that create a kaleidoscope effect. Enlightenment has some soft and sensual themes. In Buddhism the pink aura means love and healing as does the original green HD reproduction. The Buddha like figure reflects the perfect state of enlightenment as one of universal harmony and emotional balance. The Flores del Futures collection embodies an HD reproduction of the original painting that is number one out of eleven in the edition of stunning paintings entitled Flores del Futuro (Flowers of the Future) by this legendary Spanish artist Juan Antonio Guirado (1932-2010).

Catalina has also produced a series of limited edition prints on silver paper all developed from Guriado’s work. With only 10 prints of each textile design ranging from £1,100 – £1,500 these framed collectors items are hot stuff right now! If you are in London’s West End have a look inside the Sanctum Soho hotel.

There is something for everyone. A statement piece in vibrancy and glamour, a subtle tone for the relaxed, or a limited edition printed scarf that you can wear with pride (just don’t drop anything on it!). Guirado Design has raised the bar. A visionary tactile labour of love. A stunning display exploding with elegance and Vogue.

Guirado Design is sold exclusively here in the UK at London’s luxury shop The Clerkenwell Collection as well as on line www.theclerkenwellcollection.com or go to the Guirado Design website: http://www.guiradodesign.com Twitter: @GuiradoDesign

Ibérica (…black rice with cuttlefish, prawn & alioli sauce! Yes I’ll be back!) and superb wine tasting by The Perfect Cellar.

I hope you enjoy the photographs of our evening with Catalina and Guirado Design.Catalina Guirado Article P 1 Catalina Guirado Article P 2 Catalina Guirado Article P 3 Catalina Guirado Article P 4 Catalina Guirado Article P 5 Catalina Guirado Article P 6 Catalina Guirado Article P 7 Catalina Guirado Article P 8 Catalina Guirado Article P 9

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