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Photoshoot with Blonde Electra…

Photoshoot with Blonde Electra…

If you saw my interview a few posts back with Jazzy & Ruby from Blonde Electra, this was the fashion shoot that took place that day. A fantasy of Mad Max, Katy Perry and it’s own unique identity. Working with Runars Couture is like a fusion of all things past, present and future. His clothes are a work of art. He blows all concepts out of the water and creates from the sparks that infuse his imagination. Like music to my soul, working with Runar is a journey that makes the impossible possible. These exquisite and individual pieces are exceptional. Our ‘gem & runar’ stamp is loud and clear. The girls totally got into the vibe with rock’n’roll anticipation and femininity. Head pieces loaned by my top class hatter Louis Mariette. His creations always add an almost regal element to any fashion shoot. His own empowering stature and knowledge of his trade raises it’s game ten fold when you are in the company of a Mariette design. Chic, glam rock, and everything in between. Whether it’s the finishing touch for an outfit, or in some cases, it IS the outfit. Thank you Louis. You are one talented milliner.

I’d like to make a special mention in this to Phillip Jarrell who designed the rock’n’roll electric guitar that Ruby is holding. This guitar belonged to Raphael Ravenscroft (known as Raf) the legendary saxophonist who was most known for playing the riff on Gerry Rafferty’s track “Baker Street”. He also played with Robert Plant, Pink Floyd, Daft Punk, Marvin Gaye, Chris Rea and Duffy. Raf sadly passed away last year and is greatly missed to put it lightly. Thanks to Jarrell and to Raff’s beautiful wife Nicky, this guitar is on loan to rock it’s way through my photoshoots. You will be seeing it again that is for sure…

Make Up by Buster Knight, Hair by James Wilson, Styling by Runar. Assisted by Lilli. Photos by me.

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