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A. Cookes Pie & Mash. Mod Culture

A. Cookes Pie & Mash. Mod Culture

We met at the iconic A. Cookes Pie and Mash, 48 Goldhawk Road. It was opened back in 1899 by Alfred Cooke and moved to the current location in 1934. Sadly in just two weeks time this much adored cafe is closing down (online delivery service still available) so get in there fast for a top up of some jellied eel in the famous surroundings. The shop was used in the famous movie Quadrophenia and is still a very popular meeting place for the Mods. The closing will mark the end of an era.

Great to catch up with Martin Heath & Wayne Curtis and a pleasure to meet you Steve Overs. A beautiful replica lambretta from the movie Quadrophenia was there thanks to Phil Rhodes. It is covered signatures from the band members of The Who.

As the boys sped off down the road onto the next location, film crew in the back of a convertible Mini, the noise, the buzz, the people’s faces around us, Mod Culture rocks once again. I said my goodbyes and got on the tube. Thanks guys.

London is Mod Mad at the moment with Paul Weller in town tonight at Somerset House for the launch party of the exhibition on The Jam. Hyde Park will be rocking out tomorrow with the sold out gig for Paul Weller and The Who. Bring it on! London Summer is well under way.

Peace, Love & Rock’n’roll.

x gem

Photographs © Gemma Reynolds Photography


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