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Secret Garden Party Festival: Muddy Puddles

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Secret Garden Party Festival: Muddy Puddles

The contrast of the guy covered head to toe in mud in comparison to the two little girls who are playing in the mud really stood out. I took these on my Canon 70-200mm lens. Shortly after I took the photos of #MudMan (see below) he got completely mobbed by people taking photos and video footage with their iPhones. They got right in his face. His friends trying to keep everyone away so he didn’t freak out. Security then had to step in to escort him away to look after him.

#MudMan #DiscoMan #WhoppeeMan #FreeHugs #SixtyClowns #Twins #MuddyPuddles we all got transported to our #childishThings one way or another! First glance at my images from the Secret Garden Party Festival 2015.


IMG_7648 IMG_7643 IMG_7640 IMG_7636 IMG_7635 IMG_7631 IMG_7623 IMG_7622 IMG_7620 IMG_7604 IMG_7601 IMG_7597 IMG_7595 IMG_7594 IMG_7591 IMG_7590 IMG_7585 IMG_7205 IMG_7202 IMG_7201 IMG_7200 IMG_7198 IMG_7195    IMG_7187 IMG_7181 IMG_7174 IMG_7162 IMG_7160 IMG_7157 IMG_6999 IMG_6986 IMG_6981 IMG_6971 IMG_6920 IMG_6913 IMG_6905 IMG_6903 IMG_6897 IMG_6896 IMG_6885 IMG_6881 IMG_6876  IMG_6402 1


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