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Angus & Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone live at the Secret Garden Party .

As she put her hands to her face to wipe away the tears from her eyes as the lyrics glided from her very soul to those who listened, this was a really great gig. This brother and sister duo from Australia have such a strong vibe that floats effortlessly with a contageous emotion. Such a captivating set to photograph. I found myself lowering my lens to just watch and listen at times as you could really see and feel this energy that was coming from the stage. I loved that. I kept one of the images in colour. He just has such a great expression and face, I just had to leave this one as it was. Thank you guys. The weather was a non stop pouring rain, but the crowd still gathered to listen. Who cares about the rain, it feels good, and we have music!

Images taken at the Secret Garden Party festival 2015 by © Gemma Reynolds Photography

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