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Saffron Sprackling: Rock’n’Roll December

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Saffron Sprackling: Rock’n’Roll December

I would like to say a huge thank you to Saffron Sprackling, lead singer for Republica for joining Rock’n’roll December. Her diamond dusted print is signed.

The image is titled after her lyrics from the new song by Republica, Glittering… When sold, some of the proceeds for this image will be donated to the Maoland Shelter for dogs in Romania. Saffron is a very active ambassador for them and together we are delighted to make a difference this Christmas. The signed original image is proving to be a very popular addition to the collection.

The lyrics read…

“I’ve seen it all now…It’s Glittering…It’s crystalline and clear…It’s shining…”

The diamond dust represents the glitz and the glam of rock’n’roll. The image shows the true grit and the grain of the individual that has strived for what they believe in to be the iconic musician that they were born to be. Saffron’s photograph was taken back stage at the 100 Club. Her hands shaped the way that they are represent the powerful teachings handed down to her by her master of Wing Chun Kung Fu. This shows that  she is a student of Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts, devised by a Shaolin nun 300 years ago for women. In Saffron’s own words…

“It’s what The Matrix and KillBill are all about… In its truest form it must only be passed down to the pure of heart as it is the most deadly, but is a defence system derived from animal behaviour and how certain animals protect and defend if and only when attacked. It should never be used in violence for no reason. The art is all about energy’s. It is mind blowing and it has empowered me. Being trained by Master Anton is a huge honour as he is one of the only westerners invited and trained in IP Man temple in Kowloon Hong Kong. (IP Man was Bruce Lee’s Grand Master) His sons IP Chun and IP Ching still carry on the teachings This image is beautiful symbol of peace and hope. Wing Chun is perceived as the most respected as also there is a code that any Master must have the blessing of Grandmaster IP Chun and IP Ching. This should only be passed down in its purest form to the pure of heart…Xx”

Saffron Sprackling

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Some images courtesy of the Maoland Shelter https://www.facebook.com/Maoland-shelter-298813863553239/?fref=ts here of these cute little puppies in their Christmas coats….

Maoland Dogs 3 maoland dogs2


Thank you so much Saffron. It is an honour to have you in the collection.

Peace. Art. Rock’n’roll

x gem rey

Welcome to my project, my world of creation
Art that contributes a difference to the nations
I strive to achieve, reward the soul
To bring meaning, substance, love, let it flow
Life is a gift, a trusty steed, let us end the suffering, listen to it’s need
Our journeys are tangled with success and failure
Time does not alter the on going pacer
Let’s light up this world with an army for change
Make a difference and shine so no darkness remains
A visual story, each one has it’s own
A lyrical wonder of musings here shown.
Pen on to paper it’s all black and white
The click of the camera together, unite
So join with me now and embrace what I ask
Rock’N’Roll December alive, unmasked…