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Long String Drone by Youth

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Long String Drone by Youth

When you’re driving along in London just going by what the sat nav say’s, realising that if your phone conks out you’re not going to have a clue where you are… That was the start of this particular evening. Arriving at this hidden yet creative hub of a venue in North East London, we arrived. Walking down a few corridors we opened the door to what I quickly realised was a place that housed a very exciting group of people. A room that encapsulated the essence to the synchronicity of sound. Youth (Martin Glover) delivered the most unique sound from his own personal hand made long string drone. Quite literally a piece of art. A natural wooden board, with a jam jar as the bridge. Using a hand held drone box, as he carefully places it near the strings, you get this incredible reaction. The box he uses is a drone box, and that sound is feedback through the pickups on the long string drone to create a resonant feedback loop. This intense collaboration makes the sound vibration that you hear become like an electric guitar!

As I looked around the room, surrounded by the most beautiful and thought provoking visuals, colours, vibrations, talented people, musical instruments of every kind, it was a free for all musical gathering with electronica and ambient sound. Theremins, drones, guitars, vocals, and other hand made pieces that you cannot buy anywhere. Pure art. I totally loved it.

To get an idea of what I’m talking about, click on the link below and you’ll see the footage recorded on the night. Thank you to the “Eclipse Sessions” hosted by Georgina Brett. Youth will be using these beautiful long string drones at Puretone Resonate Festival. 16-18th September 2016, full moon, electronica, on the top of a mountain at Space Mountain Studios in Granada, Spain. More on that here… http://www.puretonefestival.com

Please click HERE to watch the footage.

Thank you to Georgina Brett and her Eclipse Sessions and to Youth.

Peace. Art. Rock’n’roll.

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