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One Summer’s evening in August 2019 I found myself with my camera at this beautiful little gathering in the heart of the English countryside. The location remains a surprise. Log fires, freshly cooked and sustainably sourced produce from local farmers and communities. There is something so connecting to one’s being when you can enjoy quality outdoor home cooked food while meeting new people in an intimate and elegant surrounding. There was something for everyone. Champagne on arrival while bathed in the golden hour of the sun, followed by a candlelit dinner. Carefully chosen wine with thanks to “Wine Unscrewed“. As the main course cleared there was a surprise performance from beatboxer, singer / songwriter Danny Ladwa. Danny performed with an ambient almost ethereal style of sound for the occasion. A lovely evening surrounded by a full moon and stars in the night sky with music continuing on into the night. Thanks to DJ “Sloose Soundsystem“.

Thank you to everyone involved for bringing this project together. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

You can watch the promo video I created here:

Thanks & Respect

Gem Rey x

To find out more about “Open Fire Kitchen” you can join them on facebook here: