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Gem Rey

Gem Rey has worked along side the world’s top music producers, record labels, electronica DJ’s and individuals. Providing creative content with both photography and videography. A powerful visionary platform for both corporate companies, events and individuals to enable them to bring their ideas to reality on a local or global scale. Creating content for social media, music videos, interviews, advertising, merchandise, branding, press and PR. 

Finding A Passion

Where it all began? Gem Rey spent some time in the ‘Solomon Islands’ around 2001. She sailed through Papua New Guinea and arrived at The Great Barrier Reef. The glamorous port of Cairns greeted her with expensive arms. “Having spent five months living on ‘island time’ I realised in what felt like a crashing blow, that there is so much more to life than the materialistic desires that one can so easily base their goals on. I decided that I would have to work in a field that truly meant something.” ~ Gem Rey

In 2002 Gem Rey studied a photography diploma in the stunning landscapes of New Zealand where her infinite passion for photography and film really started to flourish. The people, the culture, nature and the music scene simply captivated her spirit and fuelled her soul. She was awarded ‘top portfolio’ for her course, and life has been exciting and rewarding since. “Doing that diploma was one of the best things I’ve ever done. My New Zealand tutor Mel Philips is a constant inspiration to me still in all I do.” ~ Gem Rey

London Calling

Coming back to her roots, Gem Rey flew back to London and purchased what is known as her ‘Hero’… a yellow 1973 VW Beetle called “Orbie”. She worked as assistant photographer / studio manager to Ian O’Leary in a beautiful top floor studio in Soho for 10 years before venturing out as an independent photographic artist.

Fine Art

Gem Rey has a growing collection of incredibly beautiful limited edition fine art mixed media art pieces.

Style, Gratitude, Perspective and Grace in all things.

“The image itself is the true grit and the grain of the individual.

The strength it takes to strive for what you believe in so your rhythm may be heard in all it’s rapture.

The sparkle is the glitz and the glamour of perception;

The illusion of fame and what it truly means to be ‘Rock And Roll’…”

~ Gem Rey

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It is far more of a risk to not do what you love than to do it.
One life. One chance. Live it. Love it.

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