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Gem Rey films and edits interviews and documentaries in her own signature style. Her love of music led her to create ‘Rockumentary TV’ a platform where she showcases various artists, DJ’s and creatives. “In The Green Room”, and “Barry’s Flying Circus” are both films Gem Rey created for the charity “Tonic Music For Mental Health”. These films have helped to raise awareness for promoting good mental health among those who work in the music industry. It was said that these films have been their ‘most watched’ and ‘inspirational’ that Tonic have had to date.

“If they save just one life, then that’s worth while isn’t it.”

Gem Rey

Twisted Records have worked with Gem Rey creating promotional videos for the band “Shpongle” for shows and album releases. When Gem Rey released her interview with legendary Brit award winning record producer John Leckie whom she filmed in Spain, he said;

“Fantastic! Loverly! The story of my life in 6 mins. Thanks for the best interview ever.”

Record producer John Leckie (The Beatles, The Stone Roses, Radiohead)

Click on the links below and enjoy listening to what these wonderful artists have to say.

In The Green Room

Barry’s Flying Circus

In 2020, thanks to Dub Pistol “Barry Ashworth” who organised “Barry’s Flying Circus” Gem Rey felt inspired to help create awareness for “Tonic Music For Mental Health”. The film’s message came with heart warming words of comfort from the wing walkers including “Barry Ashworth”, “Bez, Happy Monday’s” and “Ma”, from Tonic, urging people to look after each other. This charity is an incredible force for wellness in the music industry promoting good mental health. A welcome and humble home for many. Following on from this film came “In The Green Room”, filmed in 2021 at The 100 Club London. With words of drive from club ower Jeff Horton, Dub Pistol front man “Seanie T”, and other members of the music world.

Niall Power ~ Shaking Not Stirred

Drummer Niall Power arrived at an audition for Bob Geldof’s band. He got the job and that lasted 25 years. With an incredibly successful career behind him and an unstoppable drive, the unexpected arrival of Parkinson’s disease forced him to put the drum sticks to rest. How you deal with a diagnosis is different for everyone. Power’s determination and attitude to life is utterly inspirational. Niall is fighting back against this challenging incurable disease and makes one wonder if he might actually beat this. Author of “Timing is Everything”.

“I first met Niall at a Boomtown Rats gig in Dublin. Bob presented him with a pair of silver drumsticks engraved with the words ‘done drummin’. Niall sadly had to give up his lifetime job as a drummer due to the onset of Parkinson’s disease. I suggested we do an interview about his life. A while later Niall got in touch and said he was in London and that he’d like to do the interview. So we did. Finding the time to edit this was a bit of a challenge. However as Niall’s book title say’s “Timing is Everything”. It was a real belssing making this during the pandemic as Niall is so utterly inspiring! He lifted me up in my days while making this film. What a legend.”

~ Gem Rey

Orbit & Atmos

Producer and artist William Orbit (Madonna, All Saints, Adagio), talks exclusively to Radio One’s Jess Iszatt about his come back to music, his upcoming album on Warner Music – and much more. Filmed at the Dolby Atmos launch for William’s “Starbeam” single at White City House, London.

Rockumentary Review

Lamborghini Huracan Ft William Orbit

It’s not everyday you get to cut a door off a car worth over £100,000.00 with an angle grinder! I had the pleasure of doing a Rockumentary Review on this stunning Lamborghini Huracan. Rob Smith at Classic & Custom Works got an unusual request to customise the doors so they opened ‘upwards’. These are known as ‘scissor doors’ and are not actually how the Huracan was orgininally built. It’s an unknown area when customising an already luxury branded supercar. It can go either way. In this case, the car has gained a following and is absolutely beautiful. “Mechanically it has a twin turbo kit bolted to the existing base Lamborghini engine to provide 30% more than a standard engine.” Ollie explained. She’s fast ! William Orbit known all around the world for his iconic multiple award winning contributions to music (Madonna, Britney Spears, PINK!, All Saints) expressed an interest in the car and was keen to come and see it for himself. I heard that Ollie was thinking of selling her, so we got ourselves into gear. One rather freezing cold Friday afternoon in December, William Orbit visited the workshop. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the cosy Buckinghamshire “Hit or Miss” pub. Ollie arrived and the car was ready and waiting. You may not know this but William is a major car enthusiast. His technical mind and love of sound are clearly a great combination for appreciating a car. To hear what William Orbit had to say and learn more about the spec of this car, check out the Rockumentary Review here: https://rockumentary.london/lamborghi… The Huracan was put up for sale on Monday 20th December 2021 and sold within an hour for it’s asking price of £170,000.00

Simon Posford talks to Gem Rey

Roger Eno talks to Gem Rey

Mixmaster Morris talks to Gem Rey at Space Mountain Festival, Spain.

Interview: Jaz Coleman ~ Killing Joke

Music video: Bass Weapon” – Astronaut Alchemists – Youth + Gaudi

John Leckie. Filmed at Space Mountain Festival, Spain

Interview: DJ Tristan, Nano Records

Interview: Raja Ram, Twisted Records for Codex VI

Promo Video ~ Space Mountain Cosmic Arts Lab

A film from the first “Space Mountain Festival” in Albuenas, Spain. Gem Rey was one of the original team members who put this little festival together. With Youth (host), Finlay Cowan, Susannah Lafond, Lisa Azarmi and Spencer Styles.

Gaudi Music talks to Gem Rey about the original Puretone Resonate Festival which is now known as “Space Mountain Cosmic Arts Lab”.

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