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Pretty Green…Gibson Guitars…MOD…

Fashion and rocknroll in the heart of Soho.

“Take a look around…” Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit in Pictures. Such a great gig. I loved it! I think I’m going to call Fred Durst Mr blue eyes from now on!

Happy Birthday Johnson & Romy Somerset x

Happy Birthday to Johnson and his beautiful daughter Romy. A great night at The Troubadour on Saturday 8th November 2014. I was the guest of my good friend and singer / song writer Peter Godwin, who’s song “Criminal World” from his rock band Metro was sung by David Bowie on “Let’s Dance”.

The Boomtown Rats: Sir Bob Geldof

The Forum, London. Friday 7th November 2014. An evening that will stay with me always. Geldof has the most wonderful stage presence, energy, mystery and a classic rock style that just simply isn’t made anymore!

Rival State – Get Involved

Rival State the talented New Zealand rock band performed live at Sonisphere Festival in the Summer. A band that I have so much respect for both musically and personally. To photograph these guys is a pleasure.

Dead Sea Skulls. Proud.

All the way from Birmingham to Proud Camden. It’s retro vibe, black and white photographs on the walls of rock stars past and present, this venue really suited these three musicians who graced the stage for the Nightmare Camden a one day festival on Saturday 1st November.

Zebra One Gallery & You You Mentoring Exhibition

It was quite literally an evening involving total Pandemonia at Zebra One Gallery in Hampstead!…This top London gallery held an exclusive launch party for an exhibition by You You Mentoring.


Girl About Town. The awakening of The Beach Girl. Here we are, 25th November 2013. All of a sudden we start to realise that it is almost Christmas. The shops are looking twinkly and pretty (although some are the perfect concoction for an instant migraine). Either way, we are in the festive season. Cozy Winter…
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